Lifestyle Specializes in Roofing large homes in Edmond, OK

We can roof any house...

Lifestyle Home Improvement of Oklahoma City specializes in roofing large homes with no problems. We don’t shy away from big jobs we embrace them. The house in the picture is a 9/12 pitch and 7400 square feet of roof area. Lifestyle roofed this house in one day and a half using two 5 man crews. Lifestyle’s primary concern is to keep your house dry from the rain and outside elements. Most companies would try and do to many jobs at once and have smaller crews  roofing your house keeping you exposed for days on end. Once we roofed Matt’s house in Edmond we replaced his gutters and downspouts, replaced a window, painted five rooms, and replaced carpet in two rooms. Please give us a call if you need a roofing contractor to do a  free inspection of your roof or would like a free estimate. 405-470-6999.

Infrared Technology

Infrared picture

Lifestyle Home Improvement is now offering in home free energy efficiency testing to all Oklahoma City and surrounding areas with our New Infrared Technology for home energy loss. Let us help you find out which windows are costing you the most money monthly with our infrared technology. Call us today and set up an appointment for us to perform a free scan of your property. 405-470-6999