Free In Home Energy Efficiency Testing with Infrared Technology

Free in home energy efficiency testing with infrared technology by Lifestyle Home Improvement OKC, Inc. One of our main concerns with our customers is getting them the correct information so they can make a more educated decision based on facts not a good sales pitch. We will come out to any qualified future customers home and preform a full scanning of all windows, doors, and walls to find where and how your home is loosing money by wasting energy. Scanning a home with our Infrared FLIR gun normally cost $200 to $400 dollars on line with any company that preforms this job. Lifestyle Home Improvement OKC, Inc. has full confidence that we will not only find the leaks but we will also solve your problems for the future with our custom made Andersen Windows double pane replacement windows with Argon gas and  Low e. Give us a call to set up an appointment and start saving today.