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Metal Roofing Systems

This image shows the manufacturing of metal roofing panels
Manufacturing Metal Roofing Panels

Metal Profiles, Styles & Colors

There are several manufacturing companies that produce top quality metal roofing systems and metal roofing products in America today. Metal roofing comes in many different profiles, styles, colors, and sizes. The newer designer metal roofing has certain profiles to mimic actual clay tiles, Slate Roofing, or Wood Shake Shingles. Some traditional metal roofing you will find in Oklahoma is the “R” panel, the stand alone seam, and the

This image shows a designer metal roof systems. It shows how the newer designer metal roofing material has certain profiles to mimic actual clay tiles.
Designer Metal Roof System

“A” lock metal panel. Our customers can get any of our metal panel choices in the 22, 24, or 26 gauge steel in many different colors. Customers who are looking for a new metal roof, and are looking for a roof that will not dent during a severe hail storm. We have just the panel for you…

(The 22 gauge metal in any of our metal roofing panels will withstand baseball size hail stones, if your looking for panel that gives you more protection.)

Traditional Metal Roofing
Traditional Metal Roofing System

Metal Is Energy Efficient

Lifestyle Home Improvement Roofing and Construction uses Alliance Steel when buying metal panels for some of our roofing jobs. Alliance steel has one of the biggest manufacturing properties in Oklahoma City manufacturing metal roofing and metal buildings. One of the biggest advantages you have when installing a metal roof on your home or business is their extreme energy efficiency. The metal absorbs the heat produced by the sun and doesn’t transfer the majority of the energy downward into your home. The thicker the metal the more heat it will absorb. The cost of these types of roofs will align with actual Slate tiles, or a Wood Shake Roof, and they will last as long if not longer than these other natural choices. If you would like to know more about our metal roofing options and prices please fill out the form or call 405-470-6999 and we will help you decide what panel works best for your home or business.

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