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Residential roofing in Oklahoma is our main focus at Lifestyle and we are hands down the best residential roofing contractor in this state. We are extremely thorough at our jobs and never cut corners to save money. Prior to roofing any residential house we must perform our 19-point Residential Roofing Pre-Construction Checklist.

Before We Begin Roofing

The checklist will ensure our customers, and our owners; your job will run effectively and efficiently. Prior to roofing your home we meet with you to make certain all your personal belongings are secure and safe. We will help you remove any pictures, special items hanging on the wall, or family heirlooms you are concerned with are taken down before we roof your house. We know that roofing your home, depending on the builder, can sometimes shake your house a little during the installation process. We certainly wouldn’t want to see anything break or fall off the wall when we can prevent this from ever taking place.

This image is of a residential roofing project Lifestyle Roofing completed in Edmond, Oklahoma.
Lifestyle Residential Roofing Project in Edmond, OK

Tony is our project manager who shows up at your home before the job begins, and after the roof is complete to manage the cleanup. Our job is not considered a success until you’re happy and satisfied with our work. Tony oversees the safety and security of the job site and your home during this process. Tony is in charge of the staff, materials, and onsite problem solving for every project. Your home is in great hands when you hire Lifestyle Home Improvement OKC, Inc. Roofing and Construction.

We ask if you have pets to please bring them inside for the duration of the project so we can avoid your animals from running away or being hurt by flying debris. There are also over 1000 nails that come off the roof with the old shingles and hit the ground. We do run a giant magnet across your entire property to retrieve those nails, but if your animals are in the back yard before we run our magnets they could accidentally step on a nail.

Post Roofing Inspection

Once the roof is complete and everything is up to our residential roofing standards, we will perform our 29-Point Residential Roofing Inspection Checklist just to double check our work. We also use a 4K Drone that shoots video to give us a birds eye advantage over our competition. We will check the overall roof appearance and make sure the colors blend well and the shingles are installed correctly. We check to see if the drip edge and underlayment was installed and up to code. We will make sure your starter course shingles have a one inch overhand to avoid having a blow off during a wind storm. We will verify the shingles are properly offset and the cutouts are aligned correctly and vertical. Your shingles will be properly woven up the slope in good condition and not damaged by the installation. Lifestyle will inspect the nails to be sure the proper number of nails are in each shingle and have no visible nail pops. Our company will check to see if ice and water protection was installed in the valleys, around pipe jacks, around chimneys, or anywhere else water protection is needed. We will be sure all flashing is new, secure, and properly installed per insurance estimate, if it’s an insurance claim. Your hip and ridge shingles will be in a straight line up the hip and across the ridge.

This image is Lifestyle Roofing installing designer shingles on a residential roof.
Designer Residential Roofing Project

Lifestyle will have the proper amount of ventilation sealed and flush with the deck per manufacturer specification for your home. Our company will check to see that the plumbing boots are painted, aligned across slopes, and the transitions are properly flashed. We will walk the entire roof, depending on the pitch, to be certain there are no nails outside of the nailing strip or in the field exposed. Lifestyle will caulk around all pipes, flues, chimneys, flashing, vents, skylights, or anything else that will need to have leak protection.

Once we finish this detailed inspection we will walk away from your home with the peace of mind, knowing everything was installed correctly and per manufacturer specifications. We will fill out your warranty paperwork to send into the manufacturer for you, because your warranty on your home is very important to us. Our culture at Lifestyle is putting the customer first on every job!


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