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Designer Shingles

Designer shingles are made by most shingle manufacturers, and most of the top of the line shingles are of higher quality compared to the rest of their shingle line up. Most of these shingles have a Class A fire rating, and stain protection to prevent green-blue algae from growing on the surface. Some designer shingles are lighter and thinner, and some premium shingles are heavier and thicker than your traditional 3-tab or architectural shingle. With today’s technology, you must be educated with the product and warranties before you decide on which shingle to put on your home.

This image is one showing residential designer shingles. As you can tell, designer shingles are of higher quality compared to other shingle lines
Residential Designer Shingle
Here is another picture showing designer shingles. The style and pattern of these shingles is much different than regular shingles.
Another Residential Designer Shingle

The larger companies who make premium shingles are GAF, Tamko, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed. These shingles are made in the same way architectural shingles are made, but they don’t perform or age the same. Some designer shingles have UV blockers in the granules to reflect the sun’s rays, and some shingles have a special mat that keeps the shingles from cracking and splitting. 

Shingle manufactures use advanced technology when making their designer shingles. This new technology decreases the amount of natural resources consumed when making the shingles without sacrificing quality or toughness. Technology used includes a specific placement of fiber-glass strands that make up the “Mat” or the core of the shingle, this gives the shingles their strength and durableness. Shingle manufacturers also use limestone fillers they mix with the asphalt that’s applied to the shingle on the top layer. This process allows the shingle to stand up to the harshest weather conditions no matter what state you live in. GAF, Tamko, CertainTeed, and Owens Corning use an adhesive strip that’s applied to each shingle to firmly secure the shingles tightly into place. This strip of adhesive allows these Designer Shingles to pass one or both strongest wind test, (ASTM D3161 and the D7158). During these test the shingles are faced with winds up to 110 mph for the class “F”, and up to 150 mph with class “H” to pass. Lifestyle Roofing is certified to install all the designer shingles we’ve listed here. Lifestyle Roofing also gives a Lifetime warranty on all workmanship to the original purchaser.

GAF Designer Shingles

Tamko Designer Shingles

Owen’s Corning Designer Shingles

CertainTeed’s Designer Shingles

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