• Oklahoma Roofing Contractor
    Oklahoma Roofing Contractor

    Oklahoma Roofing Contractor

    Lifestyle Home Improvement roofs residential and commercial buildings using the highest quality of materials and workmanship.
  • Siding


    Lifestyle Roofing offers an extremely wide variety of options when it comes to new siding for your home.
  • Guttering & Downspouts
    Guttering & Downspouts

    Guttering & Downspouts

    We know that installing gutters and downspouts on your home can save your foundation from sinking. Click on the link for more ...
  • Carports & Patio Covers
    Carports & Patio Covers

    Carports & Patio Covers

    Lifestyle Roofing's carports and patio covers are custom build and extruded right here in Oklahoma City.
  • Windows by Lifestyle
    Windows by Lifestyle

    Windows by Lifestyle

    Lifestyle custom windows light up any room with their impeccable quality, advanced technology, classic design, superb construction, and maintenance-free operation.


 Lifestyle Roofing of Oklahoma City
OKC Roofing Contractors

We Want To Be “YOUR” Roofing Company!

Lifestyle Roofing is a roofing contractor located in Oklahoma City. This image shows our company truck parked in front of a residential roofing project we completed Yukon, Oklahoma.
Residential Roofing Project in Yukon, OK

Roofing & Roofing Contractor Services

Lifestyle Roofing of Oklahoma City and Blanchard wants to be the roofing company you always turn to. We offer the very best roofing services for both residential and commercial buildings and we use the highest quality of materials and workmanship.

We have been in business for many years and we know that all roofing companies are not created equal. We have seen from experience that many roofing companies will try to save their jobs money any way they can, and many times it’s by using inferior products and cheap labor.

At Lifestyle Roofing, we will not cut corners or use inferior products to save money. The Owners of Lifestyle hold themselves to a higher standard by using the very best roofing materials, which require a certain criteria to qualify for the manufacturing warranties.

Once we became Certified GAF Contractors, we gained their permission to install GAF shingles  and their products on our customer’s homes, and offer the best warranties on the market. Read our blog and find out more about our experiences with different projects.

(Lifestyle’s Certified Warranties cover Roofing Materials and Labor NON-PRORATED, meaning you pay for NOTHING).

We offer other warranties with different types of regular shingles and designer shingles including many manufacturers and brands. We are experts in installing Tamko, Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and Atlas roofing materials. We have also mastered TPO flat roofing systems, Slate Roofing and Metal Roofing

Steps we take when roofing your home:

1. We do an initial evaluation with the property owner to determine their needs. Including proper ventilation, leak prevention, foundation issues, decking problems, and anything else we can find that would affect the outcome of a job well done.

2. Once we remove the shingles from the roof we will evaluate the decking to ensure we have a proper nailable surface up to building code

3. Lifestyle will felt the entire roof surface covering all hip and ridge joints using roofing felt. Roofing felt is a type of tar paper that is comprised of glass fiber instilled with bituminous materials like tar and asphalt bitumen, that acts as a moisture barrier.

4. During the felting process Lifestyle will install chimney flashing, step flashing, or any other type of flashing to the home so water doesn’t find its way in.

5. Once the felt is secure we will install drip edge on your eaves, and then ice and water shield in all of your valleys, dead valleys, and chimney areas. Ice and water is an additional defense against leaking that the insurance does not always pay for, and most roofers will not install ice and water barrier because of cost. This is an added benefit when using Lifestyle Home Improvement OKC, Inc. to Roof your home.

6. Right before we begin roofing Lifestyle installs a starter course of shingles on the eves and rakes called Pro-Start or starter course. The first shingle we install will have a type of tar on the shingles edge that allows the shingles to stick together, and keeps the shingles from blowing off to cause potential leaks and curling over time.

7. Lifestyle’s installation crews always use a chalk line to ensure the shingles are installed in a straight line on each slope. Lifestyle uses coiled nails rather than staples to reduce the likelihood of them backing out or damaging the decking.

8. Once the slopes have been roofed we install all hip and ridge shingles. Our customers have their choice to install a 3-tab ridge, Z ridge,  Timbertex, or a type of high profile ridge based on their personal choice.

9.Lifestyle’s roofers will then blow all of the loose debris off the roof and caulk all vulnerable areas. We then install all roof metal including but not limited to wind turbines, 750 vents, power vent covers, heater vent caps, flu caps, and flashing where it is needed. We then caulk the roof again just to make sure we get all vents and boot that were just installed.

10. Lifestyle uses a 3-foot magnet around the property to remove any nails, metal materials, or loose debris for dumping. All garbage and debris will be removed daily and at the completion of the job.

11. Once the roof is complete we then do a final walk around with the homeowner to ensure satisfaction.

To learn more about our roofing products, our installation process or to get a quote, please fill out our Contact form and tell us about your project. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours of your submission of the form. Check out our 4K Drone Videos.

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