Our Roofing Warranty

This is Lifestyle's limited lifetime roofing warranty. But it isn't just on our roofing but on all our workmanship.
Lifestyle’s Limited Lifetime Roofing Warranty (click image to enlarge)

Lifestyle’s Limited Lifetime
Roofing Warranty! 

  • GAF Systems Plus Roofing Warranty: Lifestyle offers our customers a systems plus warranty, this upgrade covers Labor and Materials for the life of your roof through our manufacturer. Your shingles and labor will NOT be depreciated if we discover manufacturer defective shingles as your roof ages over time. If you were to have a shingle issue you would contact Lifestyle and we file the claim for you through our manufacturer. The manufacturer will come out inspect the roof for proof of the defect, and we then replace the entire roof at no cost to you.
  • You must be a Factory Direct Certified Roofer to offer this warranty. 

  • GAF Manufacturer Warranty: Lifestyle will offer our customers a lifetime warranty that covers defective shingles for the life of the roof. If there is a claim and the materials are defective then the manufacturer will cover the roofing materials only and they will depreciated based on the age. Any ordinary roofer that will install roofing on your home.
  • Tamko System Warranty on “Heritage Woodgate Shingles  Tamko has the best out of the package warranty sold today. Once you purchased Tamko’s shingles our customers get the first 15 years of labor, and the first 15 years of materials completely paid for if your roof is defective and installed by Lifestyle Home Improvement Roofing and Construction. Tamko’s standard limited warranty is 30 years on material. (For the Heritage Woodgate Shingles the first 15 years are non-prorated, the second 15 years are prorated, and 5 years are transferable).  
  • Tamko’s Mastercraft Warranty Enhancement includes enhancement for the (Heritage Woodgate includes 30 years of material coverage, 10 years transferable, and 30 years of labor included). (Tamko Pros Only)  
  • Tamko’s Mastercraft Warranty Enhancement for the (Heritage Vintage, Heritage Premium and Supreme Shingles includes: 50 years on materials, 10 years transferable, and 30 years coverage on labor. (Tamko Pros Only)   
  • Alliance Metal Roofing Warranties are some of the best in the industry. We offer a lifetime warranty on all metal roofing from pealing, chipping, turning different colors, cracking, or bowing. 

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