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    Oklahoma Roofing Contractor

    Oklahoma Roofing Contractor

    Lifestyle Home Improvement roofs residential and commercial buildings using the highest quality of materials and workmanship.
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    Lifestyle Roofing offers an extremely wide variety of options when it comes to new siding for your home.
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    Seamless Gutter Contractors by Lifestyle Home Improvement

    Seamless Gutter Contractors by Lifestyle Home Improvement

    Installing quality gutters and downspouts on your home can save your foundation from sinking. Lifestyle Home Improvements offer many high-quality gutter systems ...
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    Carports & Patio Covers

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    Windows by Lifestyle

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Guttering Systems

Lifestyle Guttering Systems of Oklahoma City

Let Us Take Care Of Your Guttering Needs!

This image shows a guttering system we installed in Oklahoma.

Gutters & Guttering Systems

Installing gutters and downspouts on your home can save your foundation from sinking. Lifestyle Home Improvement’s Guttering has a clear and precise way to insure our homeowners these problems can be slowed down and even stopped with the installation of our guttering system.

Water displacement is just as important as the roof on your home. Without a proper guttering system the water that runs off of your home during a hard rain will simply run off the slopes of your roof and into the ground all around your property directly below the eaves. This water sinks into the dirt and travels to your foundation, eating away at the compacted dirt in and around your foundation that supports your home.

Once the foundation has been compromised and dirt eroded, your home will start to sink into the earth. The beginning signs you will see are the walls on the outside and inside of the home take on cracks that are uncontrollable at this point. The only way to stop them now is to have a professional foundation company come out and raise your foundation for around 8 to 20 thousand dollars.

Another serious problem that homeowners are faced with are the gutters being clogged up with leafs and debris. When the gutters clog and dam up, the water will run over the gutters on the inside against the fascia board or gutter board into your soffit area. The lowest point of the gutters are on the back that is attached to your home. The water can then travel to your sheetrock and stain your ceilings, walls, and damage insulation. Water damage that is ignored will result in black mold growth that is fatal to small kids and harmful to adults.

There is a solution, Lifestyle installs our complete leaf and debris shedding and water displacement system. This is a system that is completely maintenance free. Once we install our guttering system the only thing going into your gutters is water. Lifestyle has a gutter top shield that is installed on the top of the gutters, that uses water traveling physics to collect the water and not allow any debris to interfere.

Our gutter top shield has a curve in the front that follows down to large perforated holes to allow water to flow into the gutters. Water will follow any path once it is physically released. This phenomenon will allow water to follow a 90 degree angle without changing its path downward outside of the gutters due to gravity. Lifestyle’s gutters also have a special Polyvinyl Chloride baked into the gutters during the manufacturing of the material. This process will ensure you will never have to paint your gutters in the future.

Our gutter systems are also completely seamless and look beautiful on your home. We are convinced that once you install our gutter system on your home you will never have to buy another system again for that property.

Please fill our contact form and tell us about your gutter system and what you are looking for and give us an opportunity to help your family solve or prevent any future problems caused by water. Check out our photo album bellow to see our work.


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