• Oklahoma Roofing Contractor
    Oklahoma Roofing Contractor

    Oklahoma Roofing Contractor

    Lifestyle Home Improvement roofs residential and commercial buildings using the highest quality of materials and workmanship.
  • Siding


    Lifestyle Roofing offers an extremely wide variety of options when it comes to new siding for your home.
  • Guttering & Downspouts
    Guttering & Downspouts

    Guttering & Downspouts

    We know that installing gutters and downspouts on your home can save your foundation from sinking. Click on the link for more ...
  • Carports & Patio Covers
    Carports & Patio Covers

    Carports & Patio Covers

    Lifestyle Roofing's carports and patio covers are custom build and extruded right here in Oklahoma City.
  • Painting Contractor
    Painting Contractor

    Painting Contractor

    Lifestyle Roofing painters have over 15 years of experience painting upscale homes and commercial buildings in Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma.


Lifestyle Home Improvement OKC Inc.
Replacement Window Experts

We offer a wide variety of replacement windows

This image is of our Lifestyle 3000 vinyl replacement window. It is perfect for any new construction project.

Windows by Lifestyle

You’ll see the light with our premium windows. These attractive and high quality window is ideal for any new construction project. Stylish, yet sturdy, this window is designed to give your home reliability, comfort and a perfect energy efficient view.


This image is of our Lifestyle 5000 vinyl replacement window. These windows are of a classic design and have maintenance-free operation.

Lifestyle Custom Windows

Lifestyle custom windows light up any room with their impeccable quality, advanced technology, classic design, superb construction, and maintenance-free operation.  glass provides a thermal barrier, enhancing the beauty and performance of theses windows for years to come.


This image is of our Lifestyle 7000 vinyl replacement window. These windows are of beautiful styling options. They have advanced features, such as Low E soft coat glass and Argon gas.

Affordable Vinyl Windows

Affordable vinyl replacement windows give added comfort along with beautiful styling options. Advanced features, such as Low E soft coat glass and Argon gas makes your home more comfortable throughout the year and reduces energy consumption. Create the perfect view and light up your home.

Windows by Lifestyle

Replacement Windows

Lifestyle Home Improvement  takes great pride by only using the highest quality of materials and workmanship when designing our virgin vinyl energy efficient windows. Our windows have been EPA certified and have been given the Energy Star label that is proven to save on their heating and cooling bills annually.

Most consumers have very little knowledge when it comes to the type of materials used in the frames of their windows and the way they are constructed. Lifestyle only uses a vinyl product at its virgin state versus using a recycled product found in most vinyl windows. When recycled vinyl is first extruded through factory extrusions to form window frames they will look and feel exactly like virgin vinyl, only they don’t perform the same over time.

Recycled vinyl will turn yellow in color, crack in extreme temperatures, expand and contract in the heat and cold, and start to sag around the frame and meeting rails.

  • Lifestyle uses virgin vinyl that is fusion welded around all joints of the frame and on the sashes that creates a true weld to give the units their structural integrity. (Most windows are mechanically fastened at the joints that will separate when the window expands and contracts.)
  • Lifestyle uses steel reinforced meeting rails and frames in many of windows so the windows do not sag due to extreme temperatures. The advantage is it increases strength in the frame and weather tightness.
  • Some of our windows also feature dual night latches so you can slightly open the window at night for fresh air ventilation and still have an added sense of security.
  • Many of Lifestyle’s windows come with tilt in sashes for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Locking mechanisms are the main security feature on all windows, however all locks don’t perform the same. Lifestyle uses only the best locks with an interlocking meeting rail that locks into place and must be physically unlocked from the inside to open the window.
  • Performance of a window’s energy efficiency is determined by the “R” value and the gas that creates the “R” value. Lifestyle uses non-toxic Argon Gas with Low-e baked into the glass during manufacturing of the window which creates thermal efficiency. The argon gas is thicker than air so our windows don’t allow the heat and cold to conduct through the glass and change the temperature of the air inside the home.
  • Our windows have picture frame designs on the outside to give the window a hand crafted appearance with many color variations to choose from.
    To learn more about our windows products, our installation process or to get a quote, please fill out our contact form and tell us about your project. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours of your form submission.





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